Argon Gas Application It is the heat glass formed by filling Argon Gas into this space instead of dry air in the interstitial space of Insulating Glass units. ARGON (Ar) is a colorless, odorless, inert gas. It is not flammable-explosive. There is no danger. It does not react with any substance. It does not have any toxic effect or harm to the environment. ARGON (Ar); Since it is an inert gas, it does not form compounds with any substance. Due to this feature, it can be safely used in units with Low-e and/or Comfort coating. Since the heat permeability coefficient of argon gas is low, it is difficult for the heat inside to penetrate outside and the cold outside to penetrate inside in winter months. In summer, it is difficult for the heat outside to pass inside. The purpose of argon gas insulating glass is to maximize thermal insulation and reduce building/residential fuel or cooling costs. When argon gas is filled into the cavity instead of air in normal double glazing or insulating glass, it provides 25% additional gain in building thermal insulation. This saves 25% of fuel costs in winter months. It amortizes its own cost in 1-2 years when using argon gas insulating glass. While the K value is 1.3 in normal Low-e glasses, it drops to 1.1 in argon gas applied glass.