Isıcam Systems C Series


Isıcam  Systems C Series is produced with the production quality assured by Isıcam Systems. It provides insulation and savings by preventing the heat inside from escaping to the outside.


Why Isıcam Systems?

Isıcam Systems brand, insulating glass production

o Glass and ancillary materials are used in appropriate quality and quantity,

o It is the assurance that production is continuously carried out under appropriate conditions and using modern technologies.

-Isıcam Systems are produced in the facilities of Isıcam Authorized Manufacturers (IYU), which are regularly inspected by Şişecam Flat Glass.


– Isıcam Systems are under the guarantee of the Isıcam Manufacturer for 10 years against manufacturing defects.

Not every double glazing is Isıcam.


To make sure you buy Isıcam Systems;

o Ask for the 10-year warranty certificate of the Isıcam Authorized Manufacturer,

o Check the inscription ‘Isıcam Systems’ on the insulating glass spacer bar and the name of the Isıcam Authorized Manufacturer.

o Check the Insıcam Systems label on the glass.

o For Isıcam Systems S Series and Isıcam Systems K Series, look for the Isıcam S/K hologram on the Insulating Glass spacer bar.


– Heat and solar control, safety against accidents and theft, noise control and decorative appearance can be achieved by using colored and colorless float glass, frosted glass, coated glass, tempered and laminated glass within the units of Isıcam Systems.


The best thermal insulation with Isıcam Systems units;


o Spacing width of 16 mm,

o Filling the interstitial space with argon gas instead of air,

o One of the glasses is Şişecam Low-E Glass or Şişecam Solar Low-E Glass

can be provided in the case of