Şişecam Colored Float Glass

Şişecam Colored Flat Glass is Şişecam Flat Glass’s blended colored glass.

– With different color alternatives, it offers a wide range of options for designers and users to create aesthetic and stylish spaces.

– When used on the exterior, it limits the entry of solar heat into the building, controls the excessive brightness of the sun, offers a comfortable working and living environment.

– It saves on cooling costs by reducing cooling energy consumption in air conditioned environments.

– It is used on windows, parapets, wall fronts, roof skylights and railings in all buildings that require solar control, mainly in non-residential buildings with curtain walls.



– It is also used in decoration as table, coffee table, shelf, door, shower cabin and partition glass.



All solar control glass has thermal breakage risks. For this reason, it is recommended to use Şişecam Colored Float Glass tempered or partially tempered. When laminated, all layers of laminated glass must be tempered or partially tempered against thermal breakage risks.