In-line Pyrolytic Coated Reflective Solar Control Glasses

Şişecam Tentesol is the brand name of Şişecam Flat Glass’s in-line pyrolytic (hard) coated reflective solar control glass.

Available in silver, green, smoked, bronze and blue colors.

With the help of its reflective feature in buildings with curtain walls, it provides image integrity by hiding building elements such as columns, beams, parapet walls, suspended ceilings and installation cavities.

When used with colorless float glass or heat control coated (Low-E) glasses within the insulating glass unit, it provides both solar control and heat control.

Due to its reflective feature, it creates a mirror effect when viewed from the side where the light is strong. For example, it provides a one-way view from inside to outside during daylight hours, and on the contrary, from outside to inside at night.

Tempering, partial tempering and curvature are available.

All solar control glasses have thermal breakage risks. For this reason, it is recommended to use Şişecam Tentesol series solar control glass tempered or partially tempered.


It is used in all buildings that require solar control and reflectivity, mainly non-residential buildings with curtain walls; windows, parapets, wall fronts; and roof skylights.