Şişecam Laminated Glass

Laminated Safety and Security Glass

Şişecam Laminated Glass is Şişecam Flat Glass’s laminated safety and security glass.

– Minimizes the risk of injury in accidents caused by people hitting the glass.

– Provides security against external impacts. Prevents/delays entry in case of attacks and theft attempts with tools such as stones and sticks.

– Contributes to sound insulation.

– It prevents the passage of ultraviolet (UV) rays, which cause fading of the colors of goods and fabrics, by 97-99%.

– It is also used in insulating glass units, providing safety and security as well as thermal insulation.

– Low-E coated laminated glass provides effective heat control.


The application rules for safety glass are included in the “TSE 13433 Glass – Used in Buildings – Application Rules for Safety Related to Human Impact” standard. As stated in this standard, especially glass breakage is dangerous;

– In glazing up to 80 cm from the floor,

– Continuous glazing from floor to ceiling,

– Glass doors with joinery and glazing inside the side joinery of glass doors,

– Overhead glazing,

The use of Şişecam Laminated Glass for security is a suitable solution.


Areas of Use:

– Showcases

– Roof and ceiling glazing

– Windbreakers

– Railings

– Interior partition windows

– Museum exhibition units

– Bank branches

– Hospitals (especially psychiatric clinics)

– High traffic crossings

– Schools

– Kindergartens

– Police stations and military institutions